Personal Health Risk Assessment Paper Essay Sample

During the past decennaries. wellness consciousness has been lifting enormously in every portion of the universe. In our day-to-day life. weight control and eating a balanced diet are everyplace in the media. We besides invariably read articles in the intelligence that characteristic a new engineering that can better one’s wellness in some manner. This phenomenon has changed our society and created a esthesis that we have ne’er seen earlier. There are besides a batch of people. particularly adult females. who are protagonists of an anti-aging life style. Most of us inquire how old we are in biological footings. The RealAge Test was created by Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz and it has been around since 1999. It is a wellness measuring of how old one’s organic structure is based on classs like general wellness. fittingness degree. emotional province of head. and diet wonts. After I took the RealAge Test. I was really aghast and surprised.

My calendar age is 21. but my existent age is 28. 2. I was really trusting to see a figure close to or below 21 based on my replies on the trial. Apparently. my head and my organic structure do non believe alike when it becomes to wellness consciousness. Here are four hazard factors that are most of import to me based on the trial: consuming more grains. changing my vegetable consumption. taking vitamin D. and acquiring my cholesterin tested. A grain merchandise is defined as “any nutrient made from wheat. rice. oats. Indian meal. barley. or another cereal grain” ( ChooseMyPlate. gov ) . It is filled with saccharides. which give us energy and maintain our tummies experiencing full. As a stable in any diet. it consists of two different types: whole grains and refined grains. Adults should eat “at least half of their grains as whole grains” . so approximately three to five helpings of whole grains per twenty-four hours ( Whole Grains Council ) . It is of import to devour sufficient sum of grains because they contain protein. fibre. Fe. Mg. P. Zn. Cu. manganese. Se. and vitamin B ( Whole Grains Council ) .

All of these foods are substances that our organic structures need daily. particularly fiber. If I continue with my behaviour and non eating adequate helpings of grains. I will acquire hungry faster since fibre supports me experiencing full thirster and faster. At the same clip. it besides “aids digestion and helps forestall constipation” ( Whole Grains Council ) . In order to hold a more balanced diet that contains at least three to five helpings of grains per twenty-four hours. I can get down by eating more whole grains. particularly brown rice. Harmonizing to Mark Bittman. there are tonss of brown-rice assortments. because “brown” merely means “hulled but non stripped of bran beds. ” Since brown rice still has the outer shell of the grain. it contains double the sum of fibre that white rice has. This means that it will maintain you full longer.

By blending brown rice into my diet. I will non merely eat more helpings of whole grains but besides better my digestive system. The 2nd wellness hazard I face is that I do non eat adequate assortment of veggies. In 2010. “only 26 per centum of American grownups eat veggies three or more times a day” ( Severson ) . Unfortunately. I belong to the other 74 per centum. who do non eat adequate helpings of veggies per twenty-four hours even though we have been told to make so since we were kids. If I continue with my bad behaviour. I might increase my hazard of holding bosom disease and certain types of malignant neoplastic disease. Eating adequate veggies will non merely increase my wellness in general. it will besides do certain that I get adequate consumptions of vitamins A and C. In order to devour more helpings of veggies on a day-to-day footing. I should include more assortments of veggies in my kitchen.

I frequently get bored from eating the same type of nutrient every twenty-four hours. so I should seek out different veggies and utilize different formulas to increase the assortment of my diet. There are about five groups of veggies: dark green veggies. starchy veggies. ruddy and orange veggies. beans and peas. and other veggies ( ChooseMyPlate. gov ) . I eat beans about every other twenty-four hours because I love the texture of how black beans and kidney beans gustatory sensation. However. I surely do non eat plenty ruddy and orangish veggies like squash and tomatoes. To better my wont. I plan on doing more frequent trips to the food market shop so I can buy fresh. in-season vegetable off the produce aisle alternatively of purchasing frozen or canned veggies and beans.

Another bad behaviour that I have is that I do non hold adequate consumption of vitamin D. “As a species. we do non acquire every bit much Sun exposure as we used to. and dietetic beginnings of vitamin D are minimal” ( Brody ) . It is hard to devour adequate vitamin D merely by eating wild-caught oily fish. fortified milk. cheese. and eggs. etc. If I am vitamin D deficient. I am at hazard of “developing colon and chest malignant neoplastic diseases. high blood force per unit area and cardiovascular diseases. degenerative arthritis. every bit good as immune-system abnormalcies that can ensue in infections” ( Brody ) . To guarantee that I do non hold vitamin D lack. I should get down taking vitamin D addendum. I have really sensitive tegument and I ever wear sunscreen. so I avoid the Sun every bit much as possible unless I am driving or walking to category. I am really likely vitamin D deficient. It is recommended that “all sun-deprived persons. pregnant and wet adult females. and grownups older than 50” should take “a day-to-day addendum of 1. 000 to 2. 000 units” of vitamin D ( Brody ) .

I am besides certain that I do non acquire adequate vitamin D from my diet. because I ever drink nonfat milk and low-fat cheese. Therefore. I need to acquire the vitamin from taking addendum. Last but non least. I am at hazard of my general wellness if I do non acquire a cholesterin degree trial. A survey in 2010 found that “barely half of all immature work forces and adult females are screened for high LDL. the alleged bad cholesterol” ( Rabin ) . High degree of cholesterin can take to bosom disease. which is “a chronic status that can get down damaging blood vass at an early age” ( Rabin ) . As a immature grownup in my early mid-twentiess. I should be cognizant of preventative wellness attention like any other age group. To diminish the hazard of holding high degree of cholesterin. I should watch what I eat. For illustration. I should eat burgoo. oat bran. fish. nuts. and other high-fiber nutrients that will take down my cholesterin degree.

Besides. now would be the perfect clip for me to acquire my first cholesterin trial done. because “the National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel III recommends testing everyone beginning at age 20” ( Rabin ) . Preventive wellness attention is highly of import to everyone. After taking the RealAge Test. I realized that I should take enterprise and watch out for what I put into my organic structure. I have ever been concerned with holding a healthy diet because of my family’s influence. However. sometimes it is hard for me to eat adequate helpings of each nutrient group that are suggested for my age and activity degree. I wish that I will be consistent with my healthy wonts and at the same clip. develop more and better wonts over clip.

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