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I. Introduction
The instance survey focuses on an employee. Paul Keller. who is being affected by a figure of factors. His occupation public presentation is hindered by restraints such as his work environment. his place environment. stressors. temper. and the direction manner of his higher-up. The instance survey demonstrates how his occupation public presentation is affected and what the effects could be as a consequence of his hapless occupation public presentation and deficiency of concentration. II. Problems

Paul is non able to execute his occupation good due to. in his sentiment. being tired. The conversations with his married woman that replays in his ideas show how he is conflicted at place. He seemingly does non hold a strong. supportive place environment. The instance survey besides shows that he does non have much support from his higher-up at work either. He possesses many stressors that are impacting his personal and work life. Stressors are any demands. either physical or psychological in nature. that are created by external events encountered during the class of life ( Greenberg. 2010 ) .

Stressors can take to occupation strains. Harmonizing to Greenberg in his text Pull offing Behavior in Organizations. strain is an change from normal provinces of human working that consequences from exposure to emphasize that can be psychological ( e. g. . depression ) . physical ( e. g. . concern. musculus achings ) . physiological alterations ( e. g. . increased blood force per unit area ) . or behavioural ( e. g. . smoke or backdown from work ) .

Paul is exposing a dimension of temper known as negative affectivity. which refers to the dispositional inclination to see a assortment of negative temper provinces. Persons high in negative affectivity have been characterized as sensitive to minor defeats and annoyances and are more likely to see negative emotions. such as anxiousness. guilt. choler. rejection. unhappiness. and hurt ( Greenberg. 2010 ) . This was non ever the instance with Paul. His memories of when his household foremost moved to Florida demo how exciting his occupation duties were at first. It now looks as though he experiences more negative emotions because he now views his life more negatively.

Paul sounds as though he is enduring from burnout. Burnout is a syndrome of emotional. physical. and mental exhaustion coupled with feelings of low self-prides or low self-efficacy ( Greenberg. 2010 ) . His low self-pride shows that he does non put a high overall value on himself and his low self-efficacy shows that he does non believe in his ability to execute undertakings successfully. Harmonizing to Greenberg in his text. Pull offing Behavior in Organizations. the symptoms of burnout include physical exhaustion. emotional exhaustion. depersonalisation. and feelings of low personal achievement. As a consequence. his negative affectivity is rising his stressors and that farther induces is negative temper. heightened strain. burnout. and hapless occupation public presentation.

The following restraint to his occupation public presentation is the leading manner and features of his higher-up. His superior sounds as though he does non exhibit interpersonal accomplishments. The instance analyze provinces that he would name Paul into his office and ask of him what the job was but he wouldn’t truly want to listen. It besides states that his superior read failing into any personal jobs so the workers were to maintain their personal life separate from their work life. The instance survey besides portrays that the type of wagess or penalty that his superior offers is negative support. Negative support is the procedure by which people learn to execute Acts of the Apostless taking to the turning away of unwanted actions and turning away of unwanted effects. including penalty ( Greenberg. 2010 ) .

III. Recommendations
There are several recommendations to be offered to work out the jobs displayed by this instance survey. The organisation should offer plans to assist relieve stressors. strain. negative affectivity. and burnout. These could include employee aid plans. stress direction plans. or wellness plans. The leading should acknowledge these factors that are impacting Paul and promote him to go to these types of plans to advance psychological and physical health.

Employees with high self-prides are more productive ( Greenberg. 2010 ) . Paul’s superior should do his workers feel unambiguously valuable. He should

do his workers feel competent. He needs to acknowledge the good things that the workers do and praise them consequently. He should do his workers feel secure. He needs to clearly specify outlooks and be straight frontward with them.

One of the most of import feature of leaders should be interpersonal accomplishments. Paul’s superior should larn and expose emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to acknowledge and modulate his/her ain emotions every bit good as the emotions of others ( Greenberg. 2010 ) . Emotions play an of import portion in occupation public presentation. Paul’s higher-up should acquire messages across without acquiring workers worried and distressed. Distraught workers will lose the capacity to pay attending and go distracted from work. merely as Paul did.

Finally. Paul’s superior should offer positive support alternatively of negative support. Positive support is the procedure by which people learn to execute Acts of the Apostless taking to pleasant and desirable results ( Greenberg. 2010 ) . Paul’s superior should offer congratulations and grasp when Paul does his occupation good alternatively of offering unfavorable judgment and utilizing disrespectful techniques to penalize him. Then. Paul would make his occupation merely because he is interested in it and truly wants to acquire something accomplished instead than out of fright.

Greenberg. J. ( 2010 ) Pull offing Behavior in Organizations. Upper Saddle River. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

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