Intercultural Barriers in Film: Hotel Rwanda Essay Sample

Intercultural communicating is “a method of communicating that aims to portion information across different civilizations and societal groups” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. uslegal. com/ ) . The challenges that may happen during this type of communicating root from misconstruing or deficiency of trust of people imposts that are foreign to the hearer. This can do many barriers when seeking to originate intercultural communicating. I will be discoursing the movie Hotel Rwanda while analysing the different intercultural barriers and diverseness issues that are presented within the movie.

Hotel Rwanda was released in 2004 and based on the narrative of the epic Acts of the Apostless of Paul Rusesabagina. played by Don Cheadle. during the Rwandan Genocide in the spring of 1994. Paul Ruseabagina was a hotel director at the Hotel Des Mille Collines when these atrociousnesss began. He managed to house over a 1000 Tutsi refugees during the war that was led by the Hutu reserves. This war started on April 4. 1994. one twenty-four hours after Tutsi Rebels shot down the aeroplane of Rwanda’s Hutu president. Juvenal Habyarimana. The war lasted until July 15th of that twelvemonth ; about a million Tutsi work forces. adult females. and kids were slaughtered. The film was written by Terry George and Keir Pearson. George besides produced and directed the movie. an version of a screenplay written by Pearson.

There are many characters within the movie that had a direct or indirect impact on Paul Rusesabagina and the Tutsi refugees he sheltered. Paul’s Tutsi married woman. Tatiana Rusesabagina. was his top protagonist ; she was the chief force forcing him to assist those in demand. Mr. Tillens. the president of the Belgian company. Sabena. which owned the Hotel diethylstilbestrols Mille Collines. He besides supported and encouraged Pau. he tried to direct aid and make every bit much as he could from his central office in Belgium. Colonel Oliver. the lone fictional character in the movie. was based after Canadian Lieutenant General Romeo Dallaire. He was the dominating officer of the UN peacekeeping mission ; they were brought into Rwanda before the war started to maintain the peace after the Rwandan president signed a peace pact with the Tutsi Rebel leader. Colonel Oliver tried to help during the Rwandan war with no support from his higher-ups.

Dube. a hotel worker was Paul’s right manus adult male. helping him when needed to continue the criterions of the hotel and assist the Tutsi invitee. American Photographer. Jack Daglish was determined to demo the universe what was truly happing in Rwanda ; he revealed many ghastly images. his function was really little but an tremendous impact on Paul’s mentality. George Rutugunda. the provider for many concerns in Rwanda. including Paul’s hotel ; he is Hutu and a large protagonist of the war. as the broadcaster of Hutu Power wireless. his character embodies the hate that many Hutus felt toward Tutsis. There was besides the Hutu reserves leader. General Bizimungu. the adult male in charge of the ground forces sent to kill all of the Tutsi in Rwanda. Paul established a concern relationship with him before the war and was able to pull strings the General into directing some of these soldiers to the Mille Collines to protect the Tutsi refugees they wanted to butcher.

I would foremost wish to give a small back narrative on the history of division between the Tutsis and Hutus. in order to give a better apprehension of what may hold led up to this event. There were some strategic activities by outside forces that caused most of the division and led up to this slaughter. Rwanda is made up of three cultural groups. the Twa. the original dwellers of the land. the Hutu were the first colonists at that place. and the Tutsi migrated at that place many old ages subsequently. All cultural groups lived peacefully before colonisation by European forces. Although there was division between the Hutu and Tutsi based on category ; the Hutu were farmers/working category. while the Tutsi were of the opinion class/wealth and power but with difficult work and pecuniary addition Hutus could go honorary Tutsi. Rwanda was colonized by the Germans and Belgians. who separated the Hutus and Tutsis based on physical features. The Tutsi were seen as the more intelligent. elegant group because their tallness. completion. more “European” characteristics. Due to this the colonial swayers thought the Tutsi were the superior group and treated them as such while know aparting against the Hutu ; they finally issued base on balls books to farther divide each group. Before the Belgian coloniser left the state they put Hutu in power. doing unrest and Acts of the Apostless of retaliation. which eventually led to the race murder.

The movie. Hotel Rwanda. starts during the tallness of the unrest. the Rwandan president has merely signed a peace pact with Tutsi leaders but shortly after his plane is shot down by Tutsi Rebels. There are a few scenes in which intercultural communicating barriers were present. In one scene UN Colonel Oliver. who is visibly disquieted. is sitting with Paul after run intoing with the UN to inquire for the universe taking states to step in and direct assistance to the Tutsi refugees. The Colonel is unhappily seeking to explicate to Paul that there will be no intercession from the western universe. Stating him that the universe does non care about what is traveling on in an African state. “You’re black” he states. “you’re non even a nigga.

You’re African” . In this scene the intercultural communicating. ethnocentrism is present. It seems that the Western powers feel superior to the Rwandans ; they are non even worth the aid because of the differences in civilization and traditions. I feel that this made Paul experience entirely in this battle. he was left to contend for his people on his ain. I besides believe that this had an consequence on the Colonel. although he did non experience this manner. at that minute he was stand foring his state and he was ashamed of these beliefs. The best scheme for this barrier. I believe. is going other-oriented. If there was any consideration for the people of Rwanda. if people took the clip sympathize with what was traveling on the state of affairs could hold been stopped much sooner and 1000s of lives could hold been saved.

In another scene George Rutaganda. the Hutu Rebel leader and hotel provider. can be heard talking over the wireless. He says. “When people ask me. “why do I detest all Tutsi” . I say. read our history” . The Tutsi were confederates for the Belgian settler. they stole our land. and they whipped us. now they have come back. these Tutsi Rebels. They are cockroaches. they are liquidators. Rwanda is our Hutu land. We are the bulk. They are a minority of treasonists and encroachers. we will crush the infestation” ( World Wide Web. imdb. com ) . I think this scene shows the stereotyping and prejudice intercultural communicating barrier every bit good as ethnocentrism.

This type of thought is what caused the separation between Tutsi and Hutu in the first topographic point. The uninterrupted spreading of this hatred address by Hutu Rebel leaders caused the two groups to turn on each other. finally taking to the mass slaughter of Tutsi by non merely the Hutu ground forces but citizens every bit good. The two groups should hold applied the barrier scheme of developing cognition to help in extinguishing these barriers. The leaders could hold asked inquiry to unclutter up any jobs from the yesteryear. They could hold come to the realisation that events form the yesteryear should non order how the live in the hereafter. They could hold worked out the jobs on more of a local graduated table. alternatively of nationally and may hold been able to make a incorporate 3rd civilization.

I believe that the movie. Hotel Rwanda. is an astonishing illustration of the permanent impact of intercultural communicating barriers. Most of these atrociousnesss could hold easy been avoided if the people were able to recognize the mistake in their thought. I besides feel that the movie does a great occupation in demoing intercultural communicating barriers in groups of the same race. It is much easier to dissect and see jobs when the differences are obvious in visual aspect. It shows that we must be aware in all of our actions ; we have to take the clip to set ourselves in the other individual places and inquire how certain behaviours would do us experience. We have all. in some manner or another. been affected by intercultural barriers. it is what we do upon realisation that matters the most. If we take these stairss we as a people will hold the ability to extinguish intercultural communicating barriers all together.

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