Comparison of Carol Ann Duffy and Sheenagh Pugh, women Essay Sample

One may observe how the portraiture of adult females in society is one of the polar subjects throughout Caroline Duffy’s poesy. whether it being one which depicts women’s authorization. isolation or objectification in society. Caroline Duffy is really honorable in her poesy. she is misanthropic in the fact that she is renowned for showing things how they are ; as expressed in her verse form ‘Standing Female Nude’ . Similarly. Sheenagh Pugh’s poem ‘Sweet 18’ nowadayss women’s altering attitudes in society and their growing authorization.

The rubric ‘Standing Female Nude’ entirely reveals an fable of the objectification of adult females and their place in society. exposing how they are metaphorically dominated and asked to sit down. However. Duffy highlights a alteration in the representation of adult females and a turning authorization with the usage of the verb ‘Standing’ . One may reason that this displays how adult females are ‘Standing’ up for their rights. This point of view corroborates with Pugh’s stronger representation of adult females. exposing them to hold a far more dominant function. and how they have a sense of authorization over work forces. For case. it becomes clear that the character. a immature adult male. in ‘Sweet 18’ is intimidated by the female storyteller. As displayed by his “shyness” and “hesitancy” . showing how women’s function in society has changed ; they are going powerful. Besides. the man’s “hesitancy” depicts men’s reaction to this alteration. they are overwhelmed. lighting this thought in Duffy’s verse form that adult females are ‘Standing’ up for their rights.

‘Standing Female Nude’ itself portrays the ideas of a female. lower category cocotte. patterning for an creative person in France. whom wants for celebrity through his ‘Art’ . This is understood through Duffy’s usage of 1st individual narrative. alongside a misanthropic tone and sardonic linguistic communication. presented with the words. “few” . “belly nipple arse” and “They name it Art. Maybe” . It becomes apparent here that the theoretical account doesn’t appreciate his art. alternatively she mocks it. The usage of the full halt adds accent to her point. doing her voice more powerful. This farther indicates how adult females in society were get downing to stand up against work forces and question their actions. Although Duffy doesn’t merely compose about the representation of adult females going empowered. she highlights how adult females are non yet presented in such a mode in society from men’s position. Whereas Pugh’s verse form depicts how adult females are no longer being dominated by work forces. they have learned how to hold on control. taking a more ‘predatory’ function towards work forces.

One may observe how Duffy debates women’s worth in society. in ‘Standing Female Nude’ . it is clear how adult females are presented to be of small deserving to work forces. nevertheless attitudes are altering. The line “Six hours like this for a few francs” demonstrates how the woman’s worth is downplayed by the adult male. a more ascendant character ; since he decides her worth. Yet Duffy uses the initial rhyme of “few francs” to sympathize the persona’s irony as to how she feels she is clearly deserving more ; oppugning her worth in society. This farther demonstrates a alteration in the attitudes of adult females. It becomes clear nevertheless that adult females do non yet have this authorization in society as displayed by the narrator’s sorrowful tone: “he drains colour from me” . The usage of the word “drains” creates an image of the woman’s self-respect being drained from her as the male character takes ownership over her. This is melancholic as we see her spirit autumn. recognizing how adult females aren’t strong plenty or emotionally stable to take control in society to defy the bullying of work forces.

This is to boot reiterated through the blunt direction of. “Further to the right. Madame. And do seek to maintain still” . exposing an facet of control and deficiency of regard for adult females ; adult females are presented to be inferior to work forces. Alternatively Pugh’s storyteller is far more unafraid in herself. an older adult female taking advantage over a immature adult male. as she has the ability to “vandalise” his “innocence” . She has far more deserving which can be demonstrated through her confident tone as shown with words such as. “you move before me” . exteriorizing the immature adult male from the start. voicing her true sentiments ; which the storyteller of ‘Standing Female Nude’ isn’t so confident in making. Arguably. one could construe that she isn’t finally confident in the presence of a adult male. as she fears she will “fall short of his hopes” . Which illuminates Duffy’s thought of how work forces objectify adult females as points of pleasance. leting them to take control. Furthermore. a manner in which adult females are presented to be inferior to work forces is through the ways in which adult females are dependent upon work forces.

Throughout Duffy’s verse form it is recognizable how the storyteller is extremely dependent upon the creative person which he uses to his advantage to rule her. she is left with no pick but to subject. Duffy demonstrates how the adult male is interested in his concern. “he is concerned with volume. space” . showing how his key concern is non the female herself. The storyteller nevertheless is economically marginalised and dependent on him to bring forth her “next meal” . this is how she views their relationship with her ideas ; to boot showing how adult females have insecure ideas. Duffy uses repeat to underscore her insecurity farther. by once more utilizing a lexical set of sorrows. through the words “low” and “cold” . reflecting the allusion of how she is experiencing on the interior. The creative person takes advantage of this by minimizing her farther “you’re acquiring thin Madame” . portraying how adult females are insecure of how they are viewed and exteriorizing her ; this demonstrates how adult females must win certain criterions in society.

Despite this the theoretical account fails to see how work forces are besides dependent on adult females. This is shown when he admits that he paints her because he has “no choice” . The difference being she empathises with him. showing a caring facet of adult females. much like the reading of how Pugh’s character attentions for the immature male child like a ‘mother’ . This illuminates Duffy’s representation of how adult females are caring and have a maternal facet. Though the creative person does non sympathize with her. he is simply utilizing her as a tool in his sequence. This once more shows how adult females are objectified in society and dominated for the usage and pleasance of work forces. In contrast. Pugh displays how adult females are every bit capable of ruling work forces and utilizing them for their ain demands. lighting Duffy’s didactic message of how adult females must stand up for their rights.

Throughout ‘Standing Female Nude’ Duffy uses a metaphor of sexual intensions to show how adult females are presented as an objectification of sex. For case. the imagination of a sexual act is displayed between the two as “He possesses me on canvas. as he dips the coppice repeatedly into the paint” . every bit good as the storyteller highlighting that she is the pigment in the first stanza. “he drains the coloring material from me” . Clearly the adult male can’t aid but exteriorize her as a usage for his sexual desires. This thought is farther enhanced at his attractive force to her bare organic structure as he “stiffens” for her “warmth” and he is unable to “concentrate” . However. this manner in which adult females are objectified as constituent of sexual desires isn’t needfully an facet of negativeness. in fact it heightens women’s worth in society and lessens men’s. The artist’s attractive force to the storyteller gives her an advantage over him. stand foring a alteration in attitudes. which is displayed through her assurance coming through ( mirroring how Pugh’s character is confident in this ) .

Duffy demonstrates this alteration of attitude through characterizing the storyteller to hold a more genitive and unafraid tone as she belittles him. This is illustrated as she mocks him saying “Little adult male. you’ve non the money for the humanistic disciplines I sell” . The storyteller has come to gain her worth and dramas on this. taking advantage of the state of affairs as we see her rebelliousness through mocking him. The adjectival “little” non merely insinuates a decrease in his position. but it is besides sexually dismissive. Therefore. stand foring a manner in which adult females are larning to rule and derive control over work forces in society every bit good as an overall alteration in female attitudes. Although. one could intemperate the verse form ‘Sweet 18’ in an wholly different signifier which objectifies adult females further. It could be viewed as an old adult male depicting his dominating desires for immature. guiltless miss. Though the description of the character shaving their face suggests it is a male. and the storyteller describes herself as ‘Ivy’ . giving a more feminine tone.

Following this. it is arguable through Duffy’s ambiguity that the whole verse form can be interoperated as a sexual act. farther exteriorizing adult females. For case. the “canvas” could quite easy be a metaphor for a bed. Additionally. the alteration in authorization at the terminal of the verse form represents how the act is coming to its flood tide as the gait fastens. go forthing the storyteller with energy and authorization. “my smile confuses him” . she is happy with her accomplishments. go forthing him exhausted as he “finishes” and takes a interruption “lighting a cigarette” . Overall. this implies how work forces are besides dependent on adult females in order to win. Though one may reason. does this imply adult females have control in society?

A concluding critical mode in which adult females are presented in Duffy’s ‘Standing Female Nude” is how they have a deficiency of control both emotionally and physically. dominated by the actions of work forces. Duffy makes a point of how stereotypes don’t ever win their position. Pugh’s ‘Sweet 18’ illuminates this thought. her character besides presents adult females to hold a deficiency of control. This can be viewed through the woman’s deficiency of control over her lubricious desires for the immature adult male. “I will suck the life out of him” . despite her cognizing it is incorrect and her feelings of guilt. “Who has ne’er wish to set a rock through a great. clear. reflecting window glass of glass” . The storyteller poses an image of herself to society. reflecting the outlooks adult females must follow to delight those exteriorizing and detecting them.

The storyteller states how she will be “represented analytically and hung in great museums” . pulling attending to a agencies of how adult females are invariably judged in society. and her true colors of a “river whore” will torture her. The word “hung” depicts that she is worthless as if a cadaver. and has no voice or control in the state of affairss around her. Additionally. Duffy implies how society expects adult females to be happy as she is able to stand “nude” . “smile” and make full herself with “wine and dance” . taking her autonomy in enjoyment. However. earlier phases of the verse form suggest her interior underneath says otherwise. it’s a usage of escape from the confines of society. Although unluckily. her impermanent safety into poisoning is non the solution to her job. meaning that adult females don’t have a solution to equality yet. merely temporarily can they be strong. as she must give into poisoning and once more go a ownership.

Mirroring this point further is the line. “it does non look like me” . One could reason how the storyteller has no control over what the picture of herself looks like ; he dominates her in this facet. altering her to his ain enjoyment. It can be argued Duffy is portraying how work forces view adult females as they please. exteriorizing them. Conversely. it could besides construe how adult females once more. are going more powerful in their thoughts. she is being noncompliant. denying the image she has been ascribed by the society of work forces. no longer afraid to stand up for herself like the stereotyped adult female. normally subjecting to the objectification of work forces as shown in old stanza’s.

Not merely do the words and duologue of the verse form present an image of adult females. but besides the signifier and construction itself. For case. one may detect how Duffys ‘Standing Female Nude’ is split up into four equal and ordered stanza’s. Arguably this conveys the thought that women’s rights are going
equal to that of men’s. Although the verse form doesn’t rather demo a rhythmic form. but an effort is so at that place. exposing how women’s place in society is unsure. but there is turning betterment. Although Pugh’s poem ‘Sweet 18’ illuminates this thought of how women’s attitudes towards their worth in society is altering. the poems construction demonstrates how they don’t yet have this full control. This is because of the fact that the verse form is jumbled in one large poetry. every bit good as the fact it doesn’t rhyme absolutely. but written in riming pairs. Which could arguably stand for how adult females lack control mentally.

In decision. it is apparent that Duffy is equivocal in her presentation of adult females but overall she presents adult females to be inferior and objectified towards work forces. However. she stresses the fact that this attitude is altering. In comparing. Pugh states that adult females aren’t inferior to work forces. but are still held back by objectification from work forces and society. missing full control. Though likewise they both stress the importance of adult females standing up for their rights and voicing their positions ; a didactic message to society on both parts.

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