Columbus, Indians and Human Progress Essay Sample

When Columbus reached land in the Bahamas he was greeted by the Arawak’s who were without vesture. They greeted Columbus and his work forces with gifts of nutrient and H2O. Columbus immediately knew that he and his work forces could repress them and do them make whatever they want. The Arawak’s were singular for their cordial reception and their beliefs in sharing which. were non present in the Europeans. The logical thinking for Columbus’ ocean trip to the United states was because Spain was spread outing improbably fast and it came to a point where 2 % of the population owned 95 % of the land. The Spaniards sought gold because it was more utile than land for it could purchase anything. There was thought to be gold in Asia along with other goods such as silks and spices and a Western sea path was needed. Spain decided to take the hazard and direct their work forces across an unknown ocean. Columbus was promised 10 % of what was found along with governorship over newfound lands and celebrity. Columbus was a merchant’s clerk from the Italian metropolis of Genoa. He was an adept crewman and set out with three ships. The Santa Maria was the largest at the clip. It was 100ft long and contained 39 crewmembers. Columbus miscalculated and ended up 1000s of stat mis further than he had calculated. On October 12. a adult male named Rodrigo saw the first spots of land and shouted out.

They had landed on an island in the Bahamas. Purportedly the first individual to see land was entitled to a annually 10. 000 maravedis for life. Rodrigo ne’er got it because Columbus had claimed he had seen a light the eventide before so Columbus so got the wages. On the island Columbus and his work forces had made a garrison out of the lumbers from the Santa Maria. This was the first European base in the Western Hemisphere. The Arawak Indians had developed harvests such as maize. yams. and manioc they could whirl and weave but had no domesticated work animate beings. The Indians wore bantam gold decorations in their ears. which led Columbus to take them as captives and coerce them to demo him the beginning of the gold. Columbus sailed to modern twenty-four hours Cuba so Haiti and eventually the Dominican Republic. As the gold became harder and harder to happen Columbus took more and more captives. When he had asked the Indians to merchandise as many bows and pointers as his work forces wanted and the Indians refused so two of the Indians were sliced with blades and bled to decease. The study back to Spain was that Columbus had reached Asia and some island off the seashore of China. His descriptions were portion fact and portion fiction. In his study he explained how easy the Indians could be taken advantage of and informed the Majesties that he could convey them back as much gold as they wanted along with as many slaves as they wanted.

Because of this hyperbole the 2nd expedition was given 17 ships and 1200 work forces. The purpose of the 2nd expedition was now clear: slaves and gold. The work forces roamed the island in packs looking for gold and taking adult females and kids and doing them slaves for sex and labour. In 1495 they went on a great slave foray and captured 1500 Arawak work forces. adult females. kids were put up in pens like wild animate beings and guarded by Spaniards and Canis familiariss. The best 500 specimens were picked and shipped off the nut path to Spain. Two hundred died on the trip at that place. Back on the island all people over the age of 14 were ordered to roll up a certain measure of gold every three months. The undertaking of happening gold was following excessively impossible since the lone beginning of gold were little flakes found in the river. The Indians tried to fly but were hunted down with Canis familiariss and killed. Bartolome de las Casas was a immature priest who described the things he witnessed the Spanish do to the Indians. He compared their ways of life to those of the Spaniards and the differences were drastic. The adult females in Indian society were treated so good it was a daze to the aliens.

Marriage Torahs were non-existent ; they could take their life spouse and go forth them as they please. The Indians were highly generous with their ownerships but expect the favour to be returned with the same grade of autonomy. Entire control led to entire inhuman treatment. After about six to eight months of work a 3rd of the work forces died. Husbands and married womans were together merely one time every eight or 10 months. since they were so exasperated the ceased to reproduce. The female parents were over worked and could non giver their babes a healthy life. In approximately 3 months 7. 000 kids had died. Mothers killed their ain kids because they could non be cared for and spared them the hurting and heartache of turning up.

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