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Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments - City

Sherlock Homes: Crimes and Punishment

To experience intense mysteries, crimes and solving cases, you should try this adventure video game that will put you in the depths of brainstorm and logical analysis. Through the cooperation, innovation and creation of this game, Focus Home Interactive (the publishing team), Frogwares (the developers) and Kevin Macleod (the composer), they had just created a schematic, action-thriller, adventure, spy and mind-detective video game entitled, “Sherlock Homes: Crimes and Punishment”.

Overview of the Game

As we all know, Sherlock Homes is the protagonist sleuth of the classic novel written by Arthur Conan Doyle. The game was engineered with Unreal Engine 3 as its development framework system and available in many gaming console platforms which are PS3, PS4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 1 and Xbox 360. The mode of the player is for single individual game play only and the game was officially released last September 30, 2014.

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments - Dead Body

The Synopsis of the Game and Events

The flow of the plot is based on the wit and judgment of the player through the gathered clues, solved cases and interpreting the results of the crime scene to lead further to the major cause. The success or failure of figuring out who is the major culprit will depend on the decision of the player-detective whether the perpetrator will be absolved his acts or condemn as guilty and be detained. The features of the game offer a 3 up to 5 possible solutions, elucidations and answers, inculcated with 6 up to 10 possible endings from a thorough investigation of 14 possible mechanics. The player can monitor the camera views in two ways and set at the point of view of the first person as well as a static camera view of the third person. In this video game, you will really encounter how to act like a real detective and examine the facial features, body, wounds, blood, bruises and injuries of the victim that will lead to the suspect. The six various cases that the player will be experiencing include:

  • The Half-Moon Affair – The chief baker, Mr. Wiggin’s brother has been accused of a double murder case. 
  • The Kew Gardens Drama – This is an investigation of Kew Gardens whereas the exotic plants were found missing while the Director was verified dead before the theft had happened.
  • The Abbey Grange Affair – This is the mystery case of Sir Eustace Brakenstall who was murdered by three burglars, hostage his wife and stole their silverwares.
  • The Blood Bath – A recognized archeologist was discovered dead on the Roman baths in London and was locked in the steam room showing a ritual pose.
  • The Riddle on the Rails – A train was mysterious and horrifying disappeared from the Staffordshire terminal station.
  • The Fate of Black Peter – This case revolves around a captain having a short-tempered behavior and he was found pierced with a whaling harpoon located in his garden cabin.

Have an epic experience with this mind twisting and exhilarating game that will train you how to scrutinize an individual’s data and other investigation reports, trace the cause through the series of hints and clues, tell which person who is lying and guilty and encounter breathtaking judgment to solve the case and capture the culprit.